Blessing Marble

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Blessing Marble
Blessing Marble.jpg
Blessing Marble

A legendary, blessed marble.

You can add fifth bonus. Adding the bonus can also fail.
This item is not used in quests.
  • Monsters: Chief Orc, Dark-Ghost Leader, Demon King, Proud Demon King, Death Reaper, Yellow Tiger Ghost, Queen Spider, Giant Tortoise, Flame King, Ghost Tree Lord.
  • Boxes: Blessing Chest, Lucky Wallet, Gold Treasure Chest, Gold Treasure Chest+, Moonlight Treasure Chest, Christmas Chest, OX Treasure Chest, OX Challenger Chest.
  • Quests: Not used in quests.
  • Other: Item-Shop (59 DR)
Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • Essential in order to add a fifth bonus is that the item already has four bonuses.