Christmas Event

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Christmas 2022.png

During the old christmas events Sock.pngSock would drop as Alternative Drop from all mobs. This sock could be delivered to Christmas Tree (Map1) in return of a prize, you need x5 Sock.pngSocks.

Santa Claus is present in the first village of every kingdom. If you speak with him, you will be able to receive the Mulled wine.pngMulled Wine from him and activate a quest.

Santa Claus

You can get the Mulled wine.pngMulled Wine, once every 24 hours. Santa Claus will give you 1 package of 6 Mulled wine.pngMulled Wine each time. It works like a potion, it lasts 30 minutes and give 10% movement bonus, 5% damage, 10% experience bonus, the effect ends when player dies If you do not use the Mulled wine.pngMulled Wine it will disappear after 20 hours.

Once a day, when you activate the Santa Claus will give you a companion: the Young Reindeer (non tradeable). The Young Reindeer lasts 2 hours and will give you a bonus of 800 HP points and 15 melee/magic attack.

You can give the Sock to Santa Claus (he will ask for 10 Socks every time) as much time as you want, and you will get a small amount of experience.

The drop of the Christmas chest.pngChristmas Chest can vary and is also including Zen Bean, Language Books, Enchance Item and Reinforce Item, etc.

The Young Reindeer is also available in the Item Shop with a 30 days duration if you would like to have it for a longer period of time.